LeAnn Wilson McGuire Writing her Right Brain column

Right Brain

What is it with business cards? We’ve been predicting their demise since 2010. After all, in this digital paperless world, killing trees to print business cards seems a bit archaic. But there’s something about having our contact information on a tiny paper card that we just can’t seem to quit.

Bump developed an app that allowed us to exchange contact information just by bumping our phones together. It was the eighth most popular app between 2009 and 2011. It reached its peaked in 2013 when Google bought it and eventually shut it down. CardMunch created HiHello which offers a unique QR code you can scan with your phone’s camera. LinkedIn acquired CardMunch in 2011 and has abandoned the effort.

Meanwhile, more businesses than ever before are offering turn-key business card production. Office supply companies like Office Depot, Staples and Kinkos now design and print business cards. You can even do it yourself online. The number of business card templates available is endless. And companies like VistaPrint, Moo and GotPrint allow you to buy digitally printed cards at incredibly cheap prices.

We are currently working on business card designs for three different companies. Why?

I believe it’s because a business card provides tangible proof that you and your business are legit. You invested in a logo and some paper to share that good news with the world.  Remember your first job that provided you with business cards? It had the company name, your name and your title on it, and you were proud to represent!

At the end of the day, your business card still represents. It represents you. And it represents your brand. It makes a first impression on your customer and it serves as an inexpensive leave behind piece. That’s a lot of hard work for one 2” x 3.5” piece of paper.

So here’s to the age-old business card – the work horse of the brand. It’s not as sexy as a SuperBowl spot, but, for the money, it may be the best marketing investment your company will ever make.