LeAnn Wilson McGuire Writing her Right Brain column

Right Brain

Your closet isn’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned out this spring. As the weather warms and the days lengthen, it’s a great time to give your company and your brand a good old-fashioned spring cleaning.

Take a step back and try to look at every part of your brand from an outsider’s perspective:

Is it still relevant? Is it delivering results?

Are the phones ringing? Is your website traffic up? Is the way you deliver your product and respond to your customers authentic to your brand?

Review your logo, your advertising, your media, your website, your team and your social media.

Does your logo reflect your company today? Does your messaging offer a solution to your target’s pain point?

How is your audience changing? Are they aging?  Does your advertising still resonate with them?

Does your media plan effectively reach your audience? Are you experimenting with new options like paid social or text ads? (If you aren’t allocating some money to experimentation every year, you aren’t doing your job.)

Is the content on your website up to date? Are you adding to it monthly, weekly or daily? Are there outdated products, photography or content that should be reviewed and removed?

What’s your most visited page? What page enjoys the most time on site? What’s your bounce rate? You should know this stuff.

Are your social media posts reflective of your brand today? Do they look branded? Or random?  Be honest. Your posts should reflect your brand – in look, tone and message. Every. Single. Day.

Is your team appropriately staffed? Are their roles still relevant? Is there a skill set that your team is missing?

We need to assess our personnel, reassess our office setups and review our travel, sales and meetings practices annually. Have you made the appropriate changes for your company? What adjustments still need to be made?

Twenty-twenty marked a never-before-seen change in how business is done. It put an unexpected end to one-hundred-thousand previously strong businesses. And it stopped the rest of us in our tracks. As we all adjust to a new normal, we need to monitor our businesses more closely than ever before. For our brands and our futures.