LeAnn Wilson McGuire Writing her Right Brain column

Right Brain

It doesn’t seem that long ago when June meant new beginnings. It was summer. Days were long, school was out and we had 10 carefree weeks ahead with no classes, no homework and little responsibility. Life was good!

Fast forward to adulthood where June simply reminds us that the year is half over and we are still not on track to meet the goals we set for 2022.

Between the recent shootings, gas and grocery prices, and the war in Ukraine, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to look forward to this summer. But maybe we just need a new perspective. Maybe we need to slow down, relax and treat summer days the way we used to:

• Sleep in

• Sit in the sun

• Call a friend and talk for an hour

• Roll down the windows in your car and play the radio –  loudly

• Ditch the suit for shorts and flip flops

• Go get ice cream in the middle of the day

• Lie on the floor of your room and just watch the ceiling fan turn

• Stay up late – even when you have to get up early

• Catch a matinee  (perhaps “Top Gun”)

• Bring a watermelon to share at the office

• Take a vacation

Just add a little summer into every day. It doesn’t take much effort. And it might just improve your perspective. It’s June, after all. Time for new beginnings. And while the year may be half over, some of us are just getting started.