Unsubscribing – and Other Impossibilities

We are all at the mercy of technology, not just in marketing, but in every aspect of our lives. As this year comes to an end, here are a few things that I’d like to see less of in 2019:

  • Subscriptions. I don’t know about you, but I feel like everything I do now requires some sort of monthly subscription fee. Website hosting, flip book hosting, landing page hosting, Adobe creative suite, project management software, payroll solutions, copy machines . . . And it’s not limited to work, it’s my Sirius Radio, my Peloton bike, Netflix, Southwest Airlines Rewards, Amazon, Enterprise and my mobile phone. Seems there’s nothing I can do without subscribing. And they all have my email address and my credit card number.
  • Mobile Phone Telemarketing Calls. I’ve noticed a definite uptick this year in the number of telemarketing calls I’m receiving on my mobile. This is the worst form of marketing in my opinion. And now they’re making it look like they’re from your area code so you’re more likely to pick up. That’s just rude. Every time my husband gets one of these calls, he turns the table on them and attempts to sell them some golf lessons at “an incredibly low rate.” Perhaps if we all try this, they’ll stop calling.
  • Text Message Marketing. Somehow I feel my personal space has been invaded when I get a marketing text message on my mobile phone. This is my private number and someone is sending me ads. As a marketer, my first instinct is to marvel at the brilliance of reaching a target audience in this manner. But, no, I think it’s awful and should be stopped immediately.
  • Paperless. I like trees as much as everyone else does, but STOP with the pushy paperless messaging already. My bank actually tries to trick me into going paperless by showing the “Check Paperless” option every time before you can go to the next page of their website. Belk did a 3-month paperless trial that I didn’t even notice until it was over. (Note: They’ll go back to paper if you don’t pay them). I have plenty of things on auto-pay monthly. But a small part of me just does not want everyone in the world dipping into my checking account at their convenience.
  • Paperless II. Yep, the grocery store. Choosing paper or plastic is already just another decision I’d rather not have to make. And now, I’m expected to have 10 mesh bags on hand at all times in case I run by and pick up some groceries. The marketing brilliance here is that they actually offer to SELL you their logoed mesh bags at check out. (Something they should probably GIVE you for free). So you pay them for your groceries and you pay them to let you carry their logo around. I suppose the only way to avoid this is with delivery.
  • Passwords. We all have hundreds of passwords to keep up with. But in marketing, we have thousands – because we have passwords for websites, content management systems, dropboxes, social media platforms, email marketing platforms for Every. Single. Client. So next time you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to remember one of your passwords, think about our password list. And, if you need help, just ask: we’ve got an app for that.