Fast Times

Am I the only person who feels that 2017 was the fastest year in the history of time?

My daughter told me that the reason a year feels faster for me is because it’s a much smaller proportion of my life than, for instance, hers. While that might be true, 2017 felt especially brief. I didn’t even get to enjoy Christmas – my favorite time of year. By the time I bought a few gifts, Christmas had come and gone. And I never even turned on the lights of my Christmas Village!

Maybe it’s because the world seemed like it turned upside down in 2017. Controversial political and social issues polarized much of our nation. And protests turned violent in D.C., Berkeley , St. Louis  and Charlottesville. Natural disasters were an everyday event. Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes and floods left people hurt, helpless and homeless. Senseless shootings occurred at concerts in Manchester and Las Vegas. And terrorist attacks killed people in Barcelona and New York City.

Maybe it’s because we were so busy at work this year. We helped U.S. Kids Golf introduce the U.S. Kids Golf Academy at Longleaf Golf & Family Club. We began doing the creative work for Pine Needles Lodge & Golf Club and Mid Pines Inn and Golf Club. We took on the social media for both the Wyndham Championship and Carolina Narrow Fabric. And we welcomed Virginia Crossings and The National Conference Center to our client roster.

Maybe it’s because I experienced so much change this year. I watched my daughter graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill in June. And I got engaged in July and am planning a spring wedding.

Whatever the reason, 2017 passed quickly. Here’s hoping 2018 brings a less hurried pace. Otherwise, I’ll just have to leave these Christmas lights up year-round. . .