My Second Job

Between the Wyndham Championship and the Winston-Salem Open, August is one of our busiest times of the year. So the sweltering summer heat isn’t the only thing that makes us sweat.

We. Work. Hard. And not just on existing business . . .

We recently pitched a couple of potential new clients. It took so much effort it was like having a second job. Why? Why do agencies continually have to prove to clients that we can do the work? I think we’re the only business that does this.

Take accountants, for instance. If I need someone to do my accounting, I will get a few recommendations from people I know. Then, I’ll call each accountant and talk with him or her. I’ll arrange face-to-face meetings with the ones I like. But I would never ask any of them to do my books for free to see if I like what they do.

It’s the same with roofers.

I just had a new roof put on my house. I talked to a few roofers. I figured out what kind of roof I wanted and I asked each roofer to give me an estimate. I didn’t ask them for a bio on everyone who was going to be working on my roof. I didn’t ask them for a portfolio of all the roofs they’ve installed in the past. I asked them for a price and a timeline. I made a decision. And my roof looks great.

Even doctors have it easier. I don’t get to ask multiple doctors to figure out how they would treat my illness and how much they would charge before I decide which doctor I want to use. I have to choose a physician BEFORE s/he will spend any time on my case.

When you think about it, it’s ridiculous that advertising agencies actually agree to pitch business this way. Maybe I’ll stop. After all, I can always go back to med school.