Half Done

The year is officially half over and I don’t know where it went. So far, our year at WilsonMcGuire Creative has been devoted to creating digital pubs, digital ads and websites, segmenting email lists, developing social media content, setting up storefronts on eBay and Amazon and, lately, creating a slew of SnapChat Geofilters. If my grandparents were around to hear this, they would not have a clue what I do for a living.

Marketing and advertising are changing so quickly, it’s difficult to keep up. For us, it means constantly researching the latest new media opportunities, diligently monitoring the newest technology and upgrading software religiously. It’s exhausting. . .but invigorating as well.

It’s exciting to discover the limits of each new app and explore the possibilities of new media platforms. Even when we know they will probably be outdated within the year. It’s a little more hectic than sitting in an office doing the same thing every day. But it keeps us engaged and excited about what we do.

I don’t know what the next half of the year will hold. But I’m looking forward to it. Are you?