Addressable TV Is Coming Soon

The way we buy media is changing!

Instead of buying networks and dayparts based on demographics, we’re now able to buy a much more targeted, impression-based schedule. It’s called Addressable TV. And we just bought it through a local cable rep in the New York City metro market.

Here’s how it works:

Using the digital set-top box data, Cablevision allows us to see the anonymous census data and target very specifically. For instance, we can target Households with a $150k HHI and an interest in golf and travel. The result is an extreme hyper-local buy in which we’re able to target not just by zip code but by individual households. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Big Brother IS watching you. But this is awesome for targeting your advertising.

Instead of purchasing morning and prime time on ESPN and The Golf Channel, we are now able to deliver our client’s message on numerous networks while households are ACTIVELY watching TV. If their set-top box is inactive for two hours or if they change channels during our commercial, that impression does not count. That’s a zero waste buy! It makes television advertising almost as measurable as online advertising!

Right now, only Cablevision has this ability — and only in the NYC market. But this technology is already in the pipeline with many other television producers. So our target is getting easier to hit directly. This is exciting stuff. . .

Addressable TV: Coming soon to a market near you.