Access and Advertising

Instantaneous access. It’s a relatively new concept, yet it’s changing everything. From the way we watch television to the way we buy concert tickets to the way we book travel to the way we buy houses. The days when media was sold by day part are over. Everything is as fluid as Facebook’s new gender options. There is no more prime time. We watch TV on demand. There are very few business hours. We can do anything online 24/7 and our mobile phone numbers travel with us. Geography rarely comes into play. Our schools, churches, businesses, even our conversations have changed.

[When’s the last time you asked “Who starred in that movie?” or “What year did ___ happen?” without receiving an instant answer from someone’s handy cell phone?]

After a century of marketing pushes, consumers now pull marketing messages to them. We choose what we engage with, participate in and search for. Google has moved from “searching” for us to “trying to anticipate” what we’re searching for. Consumers are no longer a target, they are an active part of each company’s marketing efforts. And those efforts change every minute of every day.

There are no more yearly marketing plans. Just quarterly and annual goals and objectives reached by monthly, weekly, daily and even minute-by-minute marketing communications. Marketers are in a constant state of reaction – reacting to competitors, reacting to news, reacting to the economy and reacting to consumer feedback. Marketing teams and media budgets remain nimble in this constantly changing consumer environment.

We no longer seek to push messages on an audience, we seek to provide them with entertaining information. We create content for them. We engage them. We walk hand-in-hand with them as they determine where they want to go in the buying cycle.

Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, blogs and apps have consumers driving messaging. And advertisers are clamoring to stay relevant in this new world. If all this sounds exhausting, it is.

The days where your advertising agency created a print, broadcast and outdoor campaign that ran all season or all year have past. With instant access, it’s a much more demanding marketing world. We have to fully understand, not only GRPs, CPMs and web site analytics, but open rates, cost per click, growth hackers and cost per acquisition.

We not only create print and broadcast campaigns, but we craft social media strategies and create content for websites.

It’s no longer enough to tell a great story, we have to write that story with Search Engine Optimization in mind.

And a beautiful design is not acceptable unless it works responsively on mobile phones and tablets of every dimension.

Advertising just requires more these days. More time, more thinking, more technology, more coordination. But that’s why there are advertising agencies – to help corporate marketing teams and business owners understand, prioritize and take advantage of every appropriate new marketing avenue. It’s what we do every minute of every day (including nights and weekends). If you don’t already have an ad agency, you should consider getting one. After all, in this crazy world of instantaneous access, every marketer could use a guide.