Standing Still/Still Standing

Here in the midst of 2011 planning, I can’t help but feel a sense of dé já vu. Last year at this time, the recession was in full force, business was down and times were tough. This year, the recession is far from over. Business is down. And times are tough. As I review my own company’s performance, I realize that we’re almost back to where we were after our second year in business in 2004.

I feel a bit like a mouse on a treadmill, continually working but not really going anywhere.

Will I still be feeling like this in 2011? Will you? And, more importantly, does it matter?

Let’s look at the facts.

Fact #1: Money is a necessity. You and I have to work in order to buy food, clothing and housing. (Ever tried bartering at Harris Teeter? It’s frowned upon).

Fact #2: I am still in business – which is more than a lot of companies can say. We have survived the recession thus far. We’re making a profit. We’re doing good work. And, if history repeats itself (as historians tell you it will), this business will continue to grow.

Fact #3: I am projected to stay in business. I have business on the books well into next year. Yeeeee-ah! I’m pretty darned excited about that.

Fact #4: As technology changes, so does our business. So while the treadmill may not change, I do get to enjoy a change of scenery along the way. That keeps things exciting.

Fact #5: I still love what I do . . . so I don’t dread going to work. And I get to spend 8-10 hours a day doing what I enjoy.

The bottom line is, companies grow and shrink. Clients come and go. Money is won and lost. And while you may feel like you’re going nowhere on that treadmill, year after year, time keeps ticking away. Day after day, hour after hour, second by second — you get the idea. . .

So the question is, are you enjoying what you’re doing with the limited time you have? As for me, I’d have to say, “Hell, yeah!” And that makes my treadmill a pretty cool ride.