Foot Work

I had a really good yoga practice yesterday. The kind that starts out really slow, lasts forever and, by the end, reminds you that you have muscles in your body that you rarely acknowledge. These are the muscles – in your back, around your shoulders and in your hands and feet – that we take for granted every day.

This mindfulness is what I love about yoga. I am rarely aware of the muscles in my feet, yet they carry me around every moment of every day. They’re not sexy muscles like the abs or the biceps, but they’re vital. They play an irreplaceable role. And I don’t appreciate them.

Just as I take these muscles in my body for granted, I take many things for granted in my work:

I believe my computer will start.
I assume my lights will come on.
I know my internet will connect.
I trust my server will be backed up.
I expect that my garbage will be removed.
I assume that the newspaper will be delivered.
I know that our empty water jugs will be restocked.
I take for granted that the phones will ring.
The recycling will be recycled.
The office will be cleaned.
The landlord will replace the burned out bulbs.
The mail will run.
The bank will open.
The printer will print.
Clients will call.
Strategies will be developed.
Ideas will come.
Photos will be taken.
Words will be written.
Ads will be designed.
Interactive work will be programmed.
Estimates will be given.
Work will be approved.
And bills will be paid.

That’s a lot to take for granted.

Now that it’s summer and people are taking vacations, it’s a good time to acknowledge all these services. Because while we may not notice these activities when they occur, we definitely notice when they don’t. And it’s much more gratifying to work for someone who appreciates your help than for someone who doesn’t acknowledge the role you play in his or her success.

Like the muscles in our feet, these silent supporters deserve our acknowledgement. So throw them an occasional “Thanks” this summer. Otherwise, they just feel walked on.