AntiSocial Networking

While I find all this social networking stuff mildly amusing, I am having a hard time taking the time out of my day to update my TWITTER on a regular basis. On one hand, I’m curious to see what folks are up to, where they’re going, etc. On the other hand, I haven’t seen many TWITTERS that were very interesting.

Do you REALLY care if I’m picking up dry cleaning or watching my kid’s soccer game? I think not.

Am I generally participating in interesting enough activities to merit a note to the world about it? Probably not.

Are people really that bored? Apparently so.

People are becoming addicted to this “constant” connecting. In fact, I’ve seen people IGNORE those they’re actually WITH in order to text someone who’s not in the room. This is the equivalent of “call waiting” for me. R-U-D-E.

Call waiting basically says, “hey, I know you took the time to call me, but someone better is calling so I’m putting you on HOLD so I can talk to them.” Nice.

Texting is worse. It says, “Hey, you’ve taken the time to hang out with me today, but your conversation is so dull, I’d rather stare at this phone and type with my thumbs than talk to you.”

(To be clear, this particular incident has not happened to ME, but I’ve witnessed it : )

Are we becoming a society that prefers texting to talking? Online to in-person? If we keep it up, this constant urge to connect might actually make us forget how.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to TWITTER the world that I just wrote this blog. . .